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Below you will find some examples of our hole 'flythroughs'

Animated 3d course or hole flythoughs can be used to promote existing courses or help to showcase proposed course alterations in a unique and eye catching way. Several years ago only a few golf courses even had a webpage to promote their club and course but now virtually everyone has one. Websites have proven themselves to be invaluable in attracting visitors and new members as well as being a key source of information for existing club members.

Unfortunately most club websites do a poor job of showcasing their course with only a smattering of photographs available. Some forward thinking clubs have been using new technology to provide 3d virtual tours of their course but the price has often been prohibitively high. 3DGolfDesign has now made it possibe for all golf clubs to afford a detailed full course tour and on request can even provide voiceover commentary



St Andrews 'Dukes' Flyby

Proposed alterations to 4th green on the Dukes course.


Par 4 Hole Flyby


*Download flyby zip file - 24MB, resolution is 720p HD