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Course Planner


NEW course planner graphics

Added to our list of services are the new, high detail, great looking and informative course yardage guides.

No other company produces courses in as great a detail as us right down to grass level and we can transfer the attention to detail that we use in our 'golfer eye view' and GolfGuide3d products into great looking yardage guides that can be used as a source of revenue for your club for years to come.

We can provide a variety of styles suited to your needs from aerial photo based guides down to complete 3d perspective views and all at a great price.

When combined with our GolfGuide3D product we can provide these guides at minimal cost to you and so you can maximise your revenue with great profit margins.

The yardage planner graphics can also be included on your website alongside our course flythroughs to really showcase your club and course and be one step ahead in attracting new members, visiting parties and 'company days' to your club.



NEW GolfGuide3D Photorealistic course flythroughs

Just a few short years ago only a select group of golf clubs even had a club website but now almost every club has one as they have proven to be invaluable resource, helping to attract new members and visiting parties. The main attraction of any golf club is the golf course but unfortunately most of the time a smattering of course photos is all the information most club websites provide, hardly ideal in this competive market when you are trying to attract new custom to your club.

Now using our groundbreaking technology, it’s possible for the first time for golf clubs to have their very own affordable ‘virtual course tour’. Using high definition digital data and GPS systems, We can digitally recreate your golf course and then take your members and guests on a detailed tour of each hole.

Former European tour winner and BBC commentator, Paul Eales provides advice on the key features of each hole and gives his insight into how best to play them in a voiceover commentary.

Until now the only time you may have seen these hole flythroughs might have been on a TV broadcast but now with GolfGuide3D, this exciting new technology is available to all golf clubs at a fraction of the cost.

The flythough movies can be transfered onto DVD to be send out to prospective members or visitors as part of an information pack or even viewed on an iphone or other smart phone.

Taghazout, DMK design


Bernia, Robert Trent Jones II

High Level Perspective view

Because we build the golf holes in 3D rather than just creating two dimensional 'paintings', we can move the virtual camera into almost unlimited positions. Sometimes it's useful to offer a very high level perspective view over parts of the course.

This viewpoint can display the overall layout and how it relates to the terrain.The high level aspect also helps to highlight key areas of the design and how they integrate with the rest of the course and it's surroundings.

Texas City - Nuzzo Course Design

Course remodelling and restoration

An ever more popular option for existing golf courses is the redesign or restoration of some or all of their holes. We specialize in 'Before and After' type photos/renderings that can be used to showcase updates and alterations to golf club committees and members alike.

A variety of options can be chosen from 2D 'photoshop' alterations, which are ideal when small changes are made (added bunkers, removed trees, new tees etc)

When the changes are more dramatic, 3D renderings can be created as either stand alone examples or dropped into an existing background photograph.

Pinedale, Phelps / Atkinson

Conceptual Art

Sometimes it can be useful to have a visual example of a course's concept, routing and 'look' very early in the planning stages. These early pictures can help developers and investors understand the plans and the architect's intentions much more easily than a 2D top view plan or verbal descriptions.

Working from very basic routing or hand drawn hole plan information, it's possible for us to create an early concept of the architect's ideas in a visual format that everyone can understand and appreciate. We talk to the architects and really take the time to understand the ideas they have and the goal they have for the creation of the golf course.

Our many years of experience, knowledge of golf course architectural fundamentals and artistic ability, enable us to create the kind of quality conceptual marketing material that no other visualization company can offer.

Princess Anne

'Playable' simulation

A completed course project can be saved and imported into the Microsoft 'Links' golf game. Individual holes or the entire course can then be played on a normal laptop or desktop computer and even hooked up to a projector or widescreen TV for big screen presentations.

This can be an eye catching and fun feature at exhibitions and trade shows where mini competitions can be run enabling people to have a great time while learning about the course or resort and it's attractive features.